Roster Wizard User Guide

A quick guide on how to get started with Roster Wizard.

Initial Configuration

When Roster Wizard is initially installed, its database is empty. Here is a quick summary of the procedure to create a roster.

  1. Create roles. Click Staff, Create New Role.
  2. Create staff. Click Staff, Create New Staff Member.
  3. Set number of days in roster period eg. 10 days. Click Day Groups, Set Number of Days.
  4. Create day groups. Click Day Groups, Create New Day Group.
  5. Create shifts. Click Shifts, Create New Shift.
  6. Create skill mix rules. Click Skill Mix, Create New Skill Mix Rule.
  7. Create shift sequence rules (if any). Click Shift Sequences, Create New Shift Sequence.
  8. Create leave allocations (if any). Click Leave, Create New Leave.
  9. Create staff requests (if any). Click Staff Requests, Create Staff Requests.
  10. Generate a roster. Click Roster, Generate New Roster.


These are staff designations / skill levels. For example SRN could mean Senior Registered Nurse.

Day Groups

These are used to specify which days are relevant to particular shift sequences. This is useful for specify rules such as no night shifts on week days. At the very least you need one day group. This could include all the days in the roster period.


Some examples are Early, Late and Night.

Skill Mix Rules

These are used to specify the options for staff each shift type. You can (and should) specify multiple valid options for each shift. For example an Early shift might require 3 x SRN and 2 x RN roles.

Shift Sequence Rules

Shift sequences are used to specify sequences of shifts that can not be worked by staff ie. invalid shift sequences. For example, staff may not be allowed to work an early shift the day after a night shift. Different invalid shift sequences can be applied to different staff. The procedure for creating an invalid shift sequence is as follows:

  1. Create a new shift sequence with a logical name eg. "No early shift after night" and add the relevant staff to which it applies.
  2. Find the new shift sequence in the shift sequence list and add shifts to it.

Shifts have a relative position number associated with them. Typically you would start with position 1. So to specify staff not working an early shift the day after a night shift, you would specify a night shift in position 1 and an early shift in position 2.

Here are some more examples:

Staff can not work three days in a row (shifts: Early, Late and Night):

Staff can not work two night shifts in a row:

No single day off:

No late shifts:


This is used to specify staff unavailability due to rostered recreation leave etc.

Staff Requests

This is used to specify staff preferences ie. to work (or not work) a particular shift on a particular day. Roster Wizard will grant these requests so long as it can be done without breaking the other rules.


Settings can be found under the Roster menu. Here you can customise Roster Wizard. For example you can set the name of the roster which appears in the navigation menu. This is useful if you have multiple instances of Roster Wizard installed and you need to see at a glance which roster you are working on.

Successfully Generating a Roster

If there are not enough available shifts for staff, then a roster can not be successfully generated. If this occurs, some staff need to be assigned leave or have their shift allocation reduced.

In many cases, the number of staff will not exactly match the shifts that need to be filled. Typically there are less staff than required and temporary or casual staff may be needed to meet the shortfall.

In Roster Wizard you can create one or more casual staff members by creating a staff member and setting "Enforce Shifts Per Roster" and "Enforce One Shift Per Day" to False for that staff member. This ensures that they are only scheduled on shifts that otherwise can not be filled. Make sure that the casual staff members represent all the available roles. You can do this be creating one casual staff member who has all roles assigned or by creating individual casual staff members for each role.

Staff Access

Staff who are not super users can access Roster Wizard to view rosters and update their own shift requests. You must configure a password for a staff member to enable this. The procedure is as follows: